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ChiroThin Weight Loss

The older we get, the tougher it is to lose weight and keep it off. At Superior Healthcare, we take a holistic approach to weight loss, just like we do for the rest of our services. That’s why our New Orleans chiropractic clinic offers ChiroThin, a natural dietary supplement, as an option to patients who may be appropriate candidates.

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What Is ChiroThin?

Under the high-powered lens of a microscope, innate immune system activity can be observed by the visible proliferation of white blood cells, also known as leukocytes. White blood cells (WBCs) can manifest in five different ways and so are grouped into five distinct classes, including those referred to as neutrophils. The other four WBC classes don’t matter much for the purposes of food sensitivity diagnosis, but if neutrophils are detected during the procedure or found in the data analysis, their presence is a strong and measurable indicator that the body has initiated an inflammatory response. Over time, inflammation can cause a variety of chronic diseases, ranging from eczema to gastrointestinal disorders, from fatigue to ADD, and from diabetes to cancer.

What Does The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program Involve?

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Metabolic Reset & Blood Sugar Stabilization

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When our natural dietary supplement is combined with healthy and specific amounts of anti-inflammatory foods and a low-glycemic diet, your body will be able to improve its efficiency in converting stored fat into usable energy. In general, this weight loss program allows your body to maintain a caloric deficit, a physical state in which an individual consumes fewer calories than they burn. At the same time, ChiroThin supplementation allows one to naturally metabolize fat and use it for energy while maintaining and continuing to see results from this caloric deficit.

Why Choose Superior Healthcare For Long-Term Weight Loss Solutions?

Our healthcare services are Superior, as we see it, because our clinical staff supports you every step of the way on your journey to optimal wellness. At Superior Healthcare in Metairie, we take pride in serving a diverse range of clients from all over New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana. If you’re struggling to lose weight, or to maintain the results of your weight loss efforts even with diet and exercise, then we encourage you to come in and see us. 

We’ll put together an entire wellness plan for you to help you reach your health goals. We begin by running any necessary tests to single out food sensitivities, underlying autoimmune conditions, or chiropractic alignment issues, among other factors. We won’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution, and we promise never to discount anything you tell us about your healthcare situation. As soon as we’re absolutely positive that we know how best to help you, we will recommend specific foods, exercise regimens, and natural supplements as part of your personalized path to better health. 

If a nutritional supplement such as ChiroThin seems right for you and suitable for your specific weight loss goals, we’re more than happy to walk you through the process of how it works. If you try ChiroThin and decide against it, we’ll start again from square one to find a weight management solution that you feel great about practicing on a daily basis

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for weight loss

Our Superior wellness solutions do

Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals

At Our New Orleans Chiropractic Clinic

We acknowledge that no two people are the same. That’s why we create one-of-a-kind, holistic wellness solutions for each and every client to reflect their unique needs and health goals. At Superior Healthcare, there is no one-size-fits-all solution — but there is a solution that’s designed to fit you just right. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Superior Healthcare can support and enhance your weight loss and weight management efforts. If you’re ready to see results from natural supplements such as ChiroThin and experience the benefits of a functional medicine approach, then we’re the New Orleans team to trust. Let us help you create your ideally individualized wellness plan today.

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