Winter is Coming: How to Stay Trim During Autumn and Winter

Winter is coming; this invites the opportunity for excessive weight gain. Of course, it is not completely your fault. The fall and winter seasons have Thanksgiving and Christmas within their months, which typically means you have massive feasts in your near future. But, the key to keeping trim during the fall and the winter is knowing how to use self-control and monitoring how much you are eating.
We understand the challenge the fall and winter season has on a waistline. Because of this, we have written this blog post to help you navigate some upcoming difficulties. Our hope is that by helping you through the fall and winter seasons, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight throughout the year.

Resist the Temptation to Gorge Yourself

Fall and winter are great times of the year. With them, comes a season change, colder weather, and two iconic American holidays. Holidays are typically celebrated with family and a great big meal with several courses. Though your initial urge is to stuff your face with items you have waited all year for, it is best to practice self-restraint. However, self-restraint is not the same as self-refusal. You don’t have to refuse to eat the things you want; just do it in moderation. Instead of eating an entire pumpkin pie, satisfy yourself with a slice. It is okay to indulge during the holidays, but make sure you keep yourself in check. It is typically when you are not monitoring your impulses that you will overeat and, therefore, gain weight.
A good way to keep yourself in check during fall and winter is to ask yourself the golden question:

“Do I want to workout for an hour in order to eat this?”

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you can go ahead and eat what you would like. But, if you decide to gorge yourself, make sure that you uphold your promise and workout at the gym afterward.

Register for Indoor Fitness Courses

With fall and winter, comes colder weather. Because of this, you will have to sacrifice your tank tops and shorts and opt for longer, heavier clothing items. Though you may have gotten used to running outdoors and taking a garden pathway, the colder seasons won’t allow you to do that anymore. Due to the fact that it will soon be frigid outside, it is best to sign up for indoor fitness courses in the early fall. Keeping on top of your workout schedule and where you workout is important. You never want to realize you should have registered for a gym membership too late. The earlier you begin to regularly workout, the easier it will be to stay slim. When you gain too much weight, working out can be more of a challenge and cause strain on your knees. Be prepared, and get your gym membership early!

Seasonal Depressive Eating

Seasonal affective disorder has been recognized by psychology professionals all over the world. It is scientifically proven that weather can affect our mood and, thus, shape our behavior. According to a study performed at Georgetown University, six percent of Americans suffer from seasonal depression. When you are sad or feel the blues, it is easy to seek comfort from food. Warm and greasy foods taste delicious and can offer you a sense of security; however, this feeling is short lived. It is common for people to gain weight in the fall and winter in order to combat their seasonal depression. Also, when it is cold outside, people can be restricted to their homes and have easy access to their refrigerators. Seasonal depression and boredom, play a huge role in weight gain. It is important that, if you know you are susceptible to weight gain, you need to entertain yourself with a distraction and practice self-control.
If you know that you tend to give in to seasonal depression, it is important that you limit your access to “bad foods” and purchase a UV light. This type of lamp will give you a healthy dose of vitamin D and replenishes any nutrients that you are lacking due to any winter gloom.

Watch for Hunger Cues

If you are sitting in your home and it seems like an eternal winter outside, you should try to keep yourself busy. As stated previously, boredom is your body’s worst enemy. Sometimes, just because you are bored, you believe that you are hungry. Similar to a nervous tick, you can naturally want to chew on something in arms reach. This most often can be a piece of candy, a bagel, or a doughnut. Because boredom can make you think you are hungry, it is important to identify your hunger cues. Typically, a real hunger cue is when your stomach physically gurgles or growls. Many times, if you feel as if you are hungry, you may simply be thirsty.
Due to the fact is cold outside, it is easy to sip on things, like hot chocolate or a warm latte. But, if you want to keep your current waistline, you should not make it a habit to reach for sugary drinks. Instead, it is best to drink plenty of water (hot or cold). When you feel hungry, sometimes it can be your body just signaling to you that you are thirsty.

Solutions to Your Weight Gain

If you are currently at a weight that you are unsatisfied with, there are solutions. Superior Healthcare is available with premier weight loss programs. With our help, you can receive non-invasive laser lipo to kick-off your weight loss regimen. If you are interested in reaching the weight you have always dreamed of, contact Superior Healthcare today!