As the leading, non-invasive liposuction alternative, we all know that LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy provides numerous benefits for slimming, toning, body contouring, and overall weight loss. However, the benefits of LipoMelt are not limited to just weight loss and fat-burning. This unique red light therapy can also positively affect many other areas of concern on the body. 

At Superior Healthcare in Metairie, we provide LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy to address a wide range of patients’ needs. Combined with our weight loss program, physical medicine, and functional medicine, our medical services are unrivaled in helping patients achieve the results they desire. 

The Many Benefits Of LipoMelt

LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy has the potential to provide many physical health benefits. We often focus on weight loss, but there are other valuable benefits that this light therapy can provide. Some of these benefits include:

  • Body Contouring: the LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy can provide ideal results for the appearance of the body during the weight loss process. It can target stubborn fat deposits and loose skin, giving your body the ideal toned and contoured appearance. 
  • Youthful-Looking Skin: Similar to the body contouring effect, LipoMelt can stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin, improving the look of lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. 
  • Healing and Pain Improvement: LipMelt can affect the pain management and healing process by increasing cellular function and promoting the healing of damaged tissue or nerves. 

In past blogs, we’ve discussed the body contouring benefit of LipoMelt. Here, let’s expand on the additional benefits that LipoMelt can provide. 

Wrinkles and Skin Tightening

Just as LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy affects the fat cells in your body, they affect your skin cells as well. This red-light therapy technology also stimulates collagen and elastin formulation in the body, which can positively affect the appearance of your skin. This can enhance the body contouring effect by tightening and rejuvenating skin that may have become looser from weight loss or aging. It can also provide a youthful appearance to the face, by rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and even unwanted fat deposits under the chin. This is yet another non-invasive benefit of LipoMelt, similar to a non-surgical facelift. 

Pain and Healing

One of the many benefits of LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy technology is that it increases cellular function. The unique red light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the cells. This can affect the mitochondria and accelerate the healing process for damaged nerves or tissue in the surrounding area. This can be helpful with injuries or any other kind of damaged tissue in the body.

Because of this healing effect, LipoMelt can also be quite beneficial for pain management. The ultimate light therapy process itself is painless. The red light that helps to improve cellular function, can also positively affect damaged nerve endings that are causing pain. Over time, the LipoMelt therapy can promote healing of those damaged nerve endings so that the chronic pain is reduced or eliminated. 

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If you are looking to lose weight, reduce wrinkles, or want to heal pain or injuries, consider pursuing LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy non-invasive liposuction at Superior Healthcare. We will not only help you see results in terms of pounds lost but in the appearance of your body as well. Improve your overall appearance and health with the many benefits of red light therapy. If you have any questions about LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy or other weight loss programs and healthcare opportunities at Superior Healthcare in Metairie, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!