Lose Weight, Save Your Back

Much like there is a cause and effect to all things, your weight has a huge effect on your back. This makes sense when you think of your back as your body’s main support system. In any system, if there is too much weight to support, the system will malfunction. This idea is no different when it comes to your back. The more weight you carry in your midsection, the more dramatically your back is effected. Muscles will often become strained, as they work extra hard to maneuver your body throughout your day. And, if you are overweight and continue a somewhat active lifestyle, this could drum up bad news for your back.
Back pain is not something you can simply overlook or ignore. And, often, injuries to your back muscles don’t go away and cannot be put into a cast. Instead, you often have to suffer through the pain and try to apply heat to the agitated muscle groups. Back pain is aggressive and can be inhibitive. Much of the common-day activities you enjoy can be dramatically narrowed down, due to lower back pain.
So, what are the antidotes, the cures, and health practices? Well, you have heard them before — diet and exercise. These two factor combines will allow you to maintain a healthy weight and keep your back muscles toned and strong. But, though these are the popular remedies to back pain, they are the most difficult to control. Diet for example is a challenge to monitor and control. Proportions are often difficult to shrink, and temptations will often be around every corner. Ultimately, it can be difficult for someone with weight-related back pain to find a diet that they enjoy and will help with their pain.
Because of these challenges, ChiroThin was created to make dieting easier. In this blog, we will discuss a ChiroThin diet and how it can help you with chiropractic weight loss.

ChiroThin Program

  • Lasts Six Weeks
  • FDA Certified
  • Physician Supervised
  • Low Glycemic and Anti-inflammatory (LGAI) Diet

ChiroThin Weight Loss

ChiroThin is a dietary supplement that can be incorporated in your diet. The formula hosts a plethora of nutritional ingredients that help with fatty acid metabolism and blood sugar stabilization. ChiroThin, combined with healthy amounts of anti-inflammatory foods, will help your body convert stored fat into necessary energy. However, these anti-inflammatory foods must have a low glycemic index in order to properly react to the supplement. ChiroThin allows the body to more efficiently metabolize fats, and in turn, your body is better equipped to use the energy to burn calories and consume fewer calories. The formula specifically targets groups of fat deposits. The formula also adds specific amounts of amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts, to further aid the body in breaking down fat deposits.

Weight Loss with Support

When under the ChiroThin program, a little support can go a long way. Weight loss isn’t easy, and anyone who says it is sorely mistaken. Dieting requires self-control and responsible choice-making, both of which humans naturally struggle with on a day-to-day basis. Though our supplement can make losing weight better, support is important, from both the people around you, as well as a physician. Under our program, you will have a medical doctor supervise the experience and enforce follow-up visits, routinely. During these weekly meetings, your doctor will be able to monitor your progress and determine how strongly you are adhering to the diet.

What Can You Eat In a ChiroThin Diet?

Before you start any diet, it is best to find out what the diet prohibits, to better understand what you are willing to give up. Many people will see the “low glycemic diet” label on our program and assume we forbid the consumption of carbohydrates. On the contrary — our diet allows you to eat a controlled amount of carbohydrates as a way to balance your diet and prevent the onset of hyperuricemia, electrolyte loss, etc. Our program is more concerned with a balanced diet, rather than a restrictive one. That is why we allow participants to eat approved snacks and side-course foods that still have carbohydrates in them. The following is just a small portion of the food available to you in a ChiroThin Program:

  • Buffalo
  • Chicken (white meat only)
  • Pork (lean)
  • Brown Rice
  • Leafy greens
  • Whole-Grain Bread
  • Melba Toast or Rounds
  • Grissini Breadsticks

Why ChiroThin?

ChiroThin is a unique chiropractic weight loss program because it incorporates a top-shelf supplement with innovative dieting methods. In most cases, dietitians will cut out every kind of “good” food and make you adhere to a difficult dieting program. With ChiroThin, the whole process is six weeks long and the supplement works fast to provide you with results. With high-grade ingredients, a successful formula, and a process that has shone time and time again to be successful, you will see a positive change. Now, the program will only work if you adhere to the supplement and diet. Your physician will be able to monitor your progress throughout the journey and coach you in different techniques for weight loss. Your body mass index (BMI) will be the main determinant of your progress. If you are not making progress, your doctor can prescribe you other methods for weight reduction.

Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is another method for weight reduction. In this process, a non-invasive laser is placed on your fat deposits. The laser works to help penetrate the skin and stimulate fat cells. As the outer shell of the fat cell is burned away, this causes the contents of the fatty cell to dissolve, ultimately shrinking the cell. Non-surgical fat reduction is always a better option for your weight loss process, instead of actual surgery. It is always best to try out either a regulated diet or a non-invasive laser lipo procedure before going under a knife.

Superior Healthcare

If you are interested in living a better, healthier, and pain-free life, weight loss is always the first step. Though the terms “diet and exercise” have almost lost meaning from being repeated, they are the only methods to maintain a healthy body weight. If you want to make a positive change, but need a little support, we can help! At Superior Healthcare, our physical medicine center can help you make wise decisions in your diet moving forward. So, no matter your past, you have the opportunity and resources to help make a change for the better. Contact us today for your trial of ChiroThin or our laser therapy.