Today, the word ‘fat’ has become a loaded word. By calling someone or yourself fat, it is immediately a negative phrase that is used to put someone down. Every body type is beautiful, whether thin or thick in shape. However, though our natural body types are to be celebrated, that does not mean that health should fly out the window. Much of the reason people become overweight is because they do not take care of their bodies. Even those who go to the gym regularly, could be self-sabotaging their figure without even knowing it! The following blog is a list of all the ways a working person could be damaging their health without their knowledge.

When working the good old nine to five work day, there is a good chance you indulge in a cup of coffee in the morning. Though a plain cup of joe isn’t terrible for your health, drinking too much coffee with a lot of additives can be harmful to your health.
When drinking coffee, you want to be sure you are drinking it with something in your stomach. If you are drinking large quantities of coffee on an empty stomach, there is a possibility that you could develop serious stomach conditions, such as ulcers.
Aside from the damage coffee can do to your stomach, sugary beverages, such as lattes, macchiatos, and frappuccinos, can give you a sugar overload when you are least expecting it. At the time, you aren’t thinking about the calories associated with your morning drink, but those calories add up over the span of a day. If you are drinking these types of sugar-rich beverages too often, you might become unknowingly overweight.

In the morning, on the way to your work, you want to grab a bite to eat that is fast and portable. You know the dangerously fattening nature of donuts so you opt for its sister snack, the bagel. Though this food seems simple and non-harmful, it is actually one of the worst things to eat in the morning.
Most of the reason bagels are a ‘big no-no’ in the morning is because they are almost completely comprised of carbohydrates — 78 percent! Though carbohydrates, or carbs, are good for your body, they are only beneficial in small doses. For example, carbs are necessary to fuel brain function and give energy to your nervous system. However, large amounts of carbs are dangerous because they can be directly converted into fat that is stored in your body. You should only digest about 100 to 125 grams of carbs a day; however, this varies based upon your size, sex, and age. With just one bagel, your carb intake is about 55.7 grams — that is nearly half of your daily carbs!
The issue with bagels is that they are normally a breakfast food. However, by ingesting half your daily carbs in one early meal, you severely limit what you can eat for the rest of the day. Most people are not aware of the unhealthy nature of bagels, which is why they continue eating carbs throughout the day, leading to an overconsumption of carbs and the development of fat.

Pretty much any drink that is not water will have calories and sugar in it. Most of those sugars, are not good for your health or your figure. It is important to remember that, before cracking open a can of soda, you must be aware of the sugar contained in each can. For example, in each can of soda, there are about 39 grams of sugar. Daily, you should only be consuming 25 grams. This means, in one can of soda, you are exceeding your daily sugar intake by several grams, not even including your other meals throughout the day.

Taking the elevator too often
If you work in a building, there is a good chance it has an elevator. Just as likely, the building most likely has a stairwell for emergency exits. Though the stairs are often marked for emergency use, that does not mean that there has to be an emergency to take the stairs.
When you work in an office, hours can go by before you even have the opportunity to stand. This immobility can be hard on your body as well as your figure, as you aren’t getting the proper exercise to digest your meals.
When you take the elevator to and from work, you are only adding more fuel to the fire. By not getting exercise (as little as taking a few flights of stairs), you are not allowing your body to properly digest your food. That, and you will not be able to burn the calories from your meals you have eaten throughout the day.

Eating too late
After a day of working, you often become either too busy or too tired to cook your meals. And, if you do eventually cook for yourself, after working late, you will eat late as well. When you eat later in the day, closer to your bedtime, your body is not able to properly digest your food. As a result, more food is storage as fatty deposits. Even if you don’t exercise regularly, walking around or participating in any general movement aids your digestive organs. However, if you eat harsh, difficult-to-digest foods, your stomach will have more of a challenge to move your food through the necessary organs.

Health and weight normally go hand-in-hand. It is possible to have a naturally thick shape, but that does not necessarily mean that you are overweight. When you are overweight, this generally means that you are not taking care of your body in the manner you should be. Diet and exercise is essential to living a fit life. However, sometimes, these two items can take ages to effectively make changes to your body shape. Because of this, some people turn to non-surgical fat reduction to give them a starting push. By receiving laser lipolysis treatment from Superior Health, you can give yourself the right step forward to a better, healthier life. After your laser tummy tuck, you will visibly look different, and with your newfound dieting and exercise routines, you will able to keep your new shape for years to come. If you are interested in this non-invasive laser procedure or have any questions, contact Superior Health today!