I could not be more pleased!

In scouring the list of network providers, and feeling as though it was a needle in the haystack, I stumbled upon Superior Healthcare. Never to have received chiropractic treatment previously, and being in much pain that I could barely drive; I feel blessed to be in Dr. Benjamin McNeil’s care! He and his entire staff are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, listen when concerns are shared, and offer guidance with explanations, communicate amongst themselves, and most importantly, dedicated to me each and every time I enter or call the facility. Dr. McNeil does not stop at chiropractic treatment; his thoroughness extends into diet and exercise, for optimum healing. My treatment for neck and back injury started approximately five weeks ago and the pain completely subsided after two weeks of treatment. New X-rays revealed significant improvement; I could not be more pleased! DO NOT hesitate to call today for an appointment! * Results May Vary

E.K. Buhler *