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Chiropractic Care Services In New Orleans

Maintaining the health of your spine is one of the most crucial factors in preserving overall health and functionality. When the spine undergoes stress or develops in an abnormal way, failure to correct these issues can result in chronic pain and discomfort, not to mention reduced quality of life.

That’s where chiropractic care comes in. At Superior Healthcare, our chiropractic wellness philosophy is designed to restore proper spinal function and alignment, as well as reinvigorate the nervous system. Our methodology centers around restorative practices including massage, manual joint manipulation, corrective instruments and machinery, and other physiotherapy techniques. These processes reduce inflammation, reduce chronic pain, correct spinal alignment issues (such as scoliosis), and mitigate symptoms of injury and bodily stressors. Contact our chiropractic clinic in New Orleans today to learn more about our holistic healthcare services and to schedule your initial evaluation.

All of our chiropractors are professionally trained and certified in physical spine rehabilitation as well as overall spinal functionality improvement and mobility enhancement. Whether you are seeking treatment to alleviate pain from a physical injury, to better manage the anatomical transformations of pregnancy, or to reverse impairments caused by a pre-existing condition, our chiropractic team has the experience, expertise, and compassion to revitalize your overall health and wellness.

Rest assured that even if a specific service is not mentioned on this page, if it falls within the realm of chiropractic care, we are here to help until you are healed. Below we’ve highlighted some of our most commonly requested (and most effective!) physical medicine and chiropractic services.

Restore Your Spinal Health

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Auto Accident Pain Relief

No driver ever plans to get in an auto accident, but when it happens, the subsequent injuries and psychological impacts can take a tremendous toll on one’s physical mobility and quality of life. Although many drivers are lucky enough to avoid serious vehicular damage in the event of an accident, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their body hasn’t endured some trauma.

No matter your accident and injury history, at Superior Healthcare of New Orleans, our team of chiropractic care specialists will design a physical rehabilitation program that is customized for your unique situation. At our Metairie clinic, we provide long-lasting solutions for better pain management, greater range of motion and mobility, and a vastly enhanced quality of life.

Whether immediate or emergent over the course of weeks, the pain that often results from an auto accident can be debilitating, disheartening, and disruptive. Conditions may manifest in dozens of ways, including whiplash, neck pain, muscle spasms, and herniated discs. Fortunately, many chronic pain conditions related to a vehicle collision can be corrected without surgery or medication.

Superior Healthcare is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive chiropractic wellness plan, each of which is designed to meet the unique needs and rehabilitation goals of the individual. With the use of our integrative, medically sound techniques, we will help you achieve an optimal state of health. We are so sure of the success of our chiropractic methodology — which is based on holistic patient assessment — that we offer all clients a no-obligation, cost-free consultation prior to the commencement of treatment.

Alternative Treatments For Autoimmune Diseases

Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a skeletal condition of the spine that causes abnormal curvature of the vertebrae. There are numerous ways in which scoliosis manifests, and these are differentiated by the direction and degree of curvature the spine develops. Scoliosis may be caused by a pre-existing condition such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, but the majority of cases result from unknown origins. 

Regardless of the initiating factor in onset of scoliosis, the spinal condition can cause pain and loss of mobility if left untreated. The ribs, back, neck, and torso region may all be negatively impacted by vertebral deficiencies. In some severe cases, an untreated instance of scoliosis can even cause breathing difficulties due to excessive pressure placed on the lungs.

With chiropractic treatment, the aforementioned issues can be eliminated or significantly reduced. Our physical manipulation techniques enhance mobility, flexibility, and strength, while trigger point therapies including sarapin injections can minimize pain and inflammation. To learn more about how our chiropractors can help you better manage scoliosis and abnormal spinal curvature, please contact our medical clinic in New Orleans today.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest beauties and joys, but the physical changes that it produces in the female body can often be difficult to adjust to. Many pregnant women experience back, neck, and joint pain, as well as pelvic imbalance and spinal alignment issues. Chiropractic wellness techniques use a combination of traditional and integrative medical approaches to correct these problems so that your quality of life can be restored completely, long before you welcome the miracle of a new one into this world.

Other benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Reduced pain in over-stressed areas such as the hips, knees, and lumbar spine
  • Reduced nausea and vomiting
  • Better maintenance of prenatal health
  • Correction of pelvic imbalances and spinal misalignment
  • Lowered likelihood of caesarean section
  • A more enjoyable experience of the journey to parenthood

Discover What Our New Orleans Chiropractors Can Do For You

These are only a few of the many chiropractic care services we offer here at Superior Healthcare in Metairie. If you believe you would benefit from improved functionality, mobility, flexibility, and strength in your spine, please feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our chiropractors today. We look forward to hearing from you and healing you soon!

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