Rehabilitation After A Crash

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, there are more than 3,287 car-related deaths a day. Of the crashes that occur each day, the non-fatal crashes account for 20 to 50 million injuries worldwide. In America, we are a vehicle-dependent nation. Most of us own a vehicle and drive it daily. In the United States, it is estimated that there are 17,250 accidents a day. And, despite all of the added safety features of today’s modern vehicles, there has been a steady rise in automotive accidents. In just a comparison of 2014 to 2015, there were 200,000 more accidents reported in 2015 versus 2014.

Why Are There So Many Crashes?

Though poor weather or bad brakes could be a reason for this increase in car crashes, it is claimed that drivers today are much more distracted than they have been in past years. For instance, driving with only one hand severely limits your reaction time. So, if you drive to work with coffee in your hand, you may be putting yourself at risk.
Also, drivers are much more distracted by their electronic devices today than ever before. For instance, most states in America have passed laws prohibiting drivers from texting while driving. However, though drivers are refraining from texting, they can be doing other things that will distract them. For one, they would be changing a song on their AUX or changing the radio station in their car — both of which require the driver to take their eyes off the road.

Are Phones the Main Problem?

In order to help lessen the temptation of using your phone while driving, Apple recently added an extra safety feature for their iOS 11 system. On all iPhones, users have the option of putting on safety controls to keep them from using their phones while on the road. If your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth, it will automatically lock and require a passcode to enter the phone. This helps restrict drivers from using their phones while driving in order to keep crash-rates down.

Car Crash-Related Injuries

Whether the crash was your fault or not, some injuries may occur. It has been found that in the US, there are 391,000 car crash-related injuries per year. Even if the crash is not because you were distracted, you could still get seriously hurt. Many times, car crashes leave some people with limited mobility of their bodies and intense muscular pain.
For instance, whiplash from a crash can often cause serious neck injuries, such as a loss of mobility or muscle pain. Unfortunately, when muscles are torn or damaged, they cannot be wished back to health. Many times, you will have to invest time and effort to work your muscles back to the way they were working before your accident.


Rehabilitation is important because it can help increase your range of motion and encourage your nerves and muscles to work together again. Having a physical therapist help you work your muscles back to the way they were working before can be a huge benefit. Also, by working your muscles with unique rehabilitation and exercise programs, you could help limit and control the pain of your injuries.

Superior Healthcare

At Superior Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping you heal from your injuries and get back to living a healthy life. At our practice, we offer individually designed rehabilitation programs to help our patients heal from any of their physical injuries. We help with a whole manner of physical ailments and injuries, not all directly related to car accidents.

Our rehabilitation programs include:

  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Strength Training
  • Range of Motion Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Home Exercise Programs

In our cardiovascular training, we help train your heart to perform in healthy ways, as well as teach you proper heart-healthy ways of living. This form of therapy is often advantageous after a heart attack or a surgery.
Strength training is often a great practice for anyone healing from a surgery or currently suffers from a chronic disease. Any time your muscles have not been utilized for a while, they will need strengthened and built back up. Our strength training courses are a great way to build up your strength and encourage your body to fully heal after a surgery.
Our neuromuscular re-education programs are helpful to teach your nerves and muscles to regain communication after a stroke, an illness, or a serious injury. Because reconnecting your nerves and muscles can be a long, tedious process, having a medical professional coaching you through it can be a huge benefit to you.

Contact us today if you would like rehabilitation therapy after an injury or illness.