1. Life on a Weight-Maintenance Eating Plan

    Once you’ve made the commitment to lose weight, the rest is easy—sort of. You have your plan, you know what you have to do, and you are committed to reaching your goal. However, sometimes your best-laid weight-loss plans can be derailed by the thought that you will have to eat the way you did to…Read More

  2. Demystifying Willpower: Set Yourself Up for Self-Control Success

    The ability of one person to pass on a piece of chocolate cake and another to indulge is often considered a matter of willpower or self-control. When you succeed at eating healthy foods and avoiding junk, your success is often attributed to your ability to resist temptation by sheer willpower. Conve…Read More

  3. Inflammation and weight gain

    This is the second article in our six-part series about how the ChiroThin Weight Loss Plan works and why it might be a good starting point for you if you are ready to lose weight and begin a healthier lifestyle. Here’s what this series of articles covers. Inflammation and food This installment: We…Read More

  4. About anti-inflammatory diets

    The ChiroThin diet program is an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic index diet that includes complex carbohydrates and protein. It offers a new approach to weight loss, and we’re happy to offer it to our Superior Healthcare clients. In this six part series of articles, we’re going to provide some m…Read More

  5. Finding The Right Weight Loss Approach For You

    At Superior Healthcare in Metairie, we are 100 percent committed to each patient’s overall health and wellbeing. Being thin doesn’t equal being healthy. And being healthy doesn’t always mean being thin. That’s why, regardless of your weight-loss goals, we recommend taking a holistic approach…Read More

  6. Do You Know When You Should Consider ALCAT Testing?

    The ALCAT test is used by holistic health practitioners and traditional MDs alike. Here at Superior Healthcare, our patients benefit from the diagnostic insight the test provides.   ALCAT testing identifies causes of inflammation, gastrointestinal, and metabolic issues, helping to ensure that our t…Read More