1. Selective focus photography of a white and black measuring tape used to assess body weight. Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash.

    How Non-Invasive Lipo Can Support Your Weight Loss Goals

    Weight loss is not always an easy task to accomplish. With so many factors to consider and monitor, from diet and water intake to exercise and sleep habits, it’s certainly no small feat when individuals succeed in their weight loss endeavors. But what separates those who are successful from those …Read More

  2. How to Boost Your Weight Loss Program

    Throughout our lives, many of us find ourselves looking for the best ways to lose some extra weight. We all know that the cornerstones of losing weight are diet and exercise. However, this is not always enough to produce the results that we want. As we get older, it can become more difficult to lose…Read More

  3. Other Benefits Of LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy

    As the leading, non-invasive liposuction alternative, we all know that LipoMelt Ultimate Light Therapy provides numerous benefits for slimming, toning, body contouring, and overall weight loss. However, the benefits of LipoMelt are not limited to just weight loss and fat-burning. This unique red lig…Read More

  4. Body Sculpting With LipoMelt

    We all know that eating right and exercising are some of the key components of weight loss. However, many of us don’t realize that these two habits might not always produce ideal results, especially if you are getting older. You may find yourself losing weight on the scale, but never getting rid o…Read More

  5. Physical Therapy Can Help You Manage Your Chronic Pain

    When someone says they’re going to physical therapy, usually they’re recovering from some form of injury or surgery. While that reason may be the most commonly thought of, it is certainly not the only reason people seek treatment. A study published by the Center for Disease Control in 2018 state…Read More

  6. ALCAT Allergy Testing: Allergic, Sensitive, or Intolerant?

    What Is the Difference between an Allergy, a Sensitivity, and an Intolerance? Nearly 60 million people in the US suffer from allergy symptoms. More shocking, this number is steadily increasing with each year. But how do you know when you are allergic to something? For most of us, we can deduce throu…Read More

  7. Heavy Purses and Your Back Health

    The Dangers of a Heavy Purse At Superior Healthcare, we are able to offer family chiropractic care to residents in Metairie, Louisiana. With our services, we can help you with back and neck pain. Though our services are reserved for anyone in your family, there is one family member that is more at r…Read More

  8. Laser Lipo for the Holidays

    Losing Weight for the Holidays The holiday season can be stressful for more reasons than one. For instance, you may be stressing out about what to give your significant other or what to cook for your holiday family gathering. But probably the most stressful aspect of the holiday season is to resist …Read More

  9. How Do Car Crashes Affect Your Back?

    One Car Crash Could Affect Your Back Forever It is unfortunate, but car crashes happen. In fact, they happen more than you would think possible. In 2015, alone, there were over six million car crashes. Of course, this statistic ranges from small fender benders to destructive, even fatal, car acciden…Read More

  10. The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

    What are the Positive Aspects of IV Drip Treatment? When you think of an IV, you might think of a hospital. In the past, you may have received an intravenous treatment in a clinical setting, perhaps to replenish nutrients in your body when you were sick or preparing to go into surgery. But just beca…Read More